September 19, 2023

Namla Joins the 5G Open Innovation Lab Batch 8: Unlock Edge Computing with 5G

Namla Joins the 5G Open Innovation Lab Batch 8: Unlock Edge Computing with 5G

The future of connectivity and computing lies in the revolutionary platform of 5G. With an anticipated $1.5 trillion investment in standalone 5G networks by 2030, the world is standing at the precipice of another tech revolution. South Korea paved the way in 2019 with its first 5G network, and since then, the global hype has been palpable. Beyond the allure of faster bandwidth and lower latency networks, 5G promises transformative innovations ranging from self-driving cars to advanced AI data processing.

Amidst this backdrop, we are excited to announce that Namla is joining the 5G Open Innovation Lab's 8th Batch, among 17 other groundbreaking companies. These selected participants are expected to amplify the 5G potential, with collective innovations driving the ecosystem beyond its current capabilities. To date, the Lab has fostered over 118 multi-stage companies that have impressively raised over $2.0 billion in capital.

Namla's involvement in the Lab signifies our commitment to bolster the 5G ecosystem. We are eager to contribute proactively, accelerating Edge computing adoption and collaborating with partners to develop new use cases and PoCs (Proofs of Concept).

"We are honored to be a part of this transformative journey with the 5G Open Innovation Lab. This is an incredible opportunity for Namla to not only harness the potential of 5G but also to contribute to an ecosystem set to redefine the boundaries of technology and connectivity." Rabah Guedrez

The transition to 5G mirrors past tech evolutions, where companies like Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Apple leveraged new platforms to achieve exponential growth. The goal? Transform 5G into a platform for innovative startups, global tech platforms, and enterprises to build unprecedented value.

As Namla embarks on this journey, we are not just looking at the horizon but aiming to shape it. Join us as we endeavor to usher in the next chapter of technological evolution with the 5G Open Innovation Lab.