Bring the Edge to the new Software-defined era.

Get the best of the Cloud, at your Edge.
Namla, your solution for Cloud-Edge orchestration and management.

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Get the best of the Cloud, at your Edge

Your solution for Cloud-Edge orchestration and management.
Reduce Cost

Move your data processing to the Edge and reduce your Cloud cost by 70%.

Decrease Latency

Deploy your Apps at the Edge and benefit from a x10 decrease in the End-To-End Latency

Edge Availability

Benefit from higher performances and connectivity with our Cloud Native SD-WAN technology.

Data Privacy

Namla Edge ensures your compliance with RGPD and other data privacy regulations.

we propose?

Deploy your Apps at the Edge and benefit from a x10 decrease in the End-To-End Latency
Kubernetes Orchestration
Kubernetes Orchestration

Extend your Kubernetes cluster orchestration to the edge. Automate the deployment, management, scaling of your edge runtimes & components.

Zero Touch Deployment
Zero Touch Deployment

The most powerful tool in today’s remote working era. Reduce cost and the risk of human error. Deploy thousands of edges as easy as Ship Plug & Play.

Full Stack Monitoring
Full Stack Monitoring

Monitor the hardware, networking & application on a single pane of glass. Remote control & updates of Edge devices.


Interconnect your edges over a secure overlay. Service chain your container workloads to our Cloud Native Network Functions (CNF).

Multi-Cloud Support
Multi-Cloud Support

Make your business more agile. Switch from a cloud provider to another easily - you’re not married to your provider!


Bring your own Edge DevOps, NetOps and MLOps pipelines or build new ones using Namla EdgeOps plugins.

A Complete Edge Orchestration Platform.

Namla is a cloud-native SaaS-based solution, leveraging an open source OS and a robust partner ecosystem with an extensive application marketplace.

Namla Converged Edge.

Namla converged edge infrastructure orchestration and management. Namla Operating system (NOS) for edge hardwareCloud native SD-WAN, for secure full mesh and cloud to edge networking Kubernetes based workload orchestration

Edge is the true enabler for Industry 4.0

With the rise of the deployment of IoT devices in the industry, factories are more and more connected and data-centric.
Reduce Latency
The Namla platform brings data processing closer to connected machines and robots. We ensure efficient data processing by moving the processing workloads to the Edge. This reduces latency, which represents a mandatory requirement to achieve Industry 4.0
Faster Machine Reaction
The delay resulting from sending data to the cloud and back prevents machines & robots from working efficiently.

Smart cities can’t be smart enough without the Edge

Cities are becoming more and more data-centric: Measurement of air quality, traffic control, parking, video surveillance…
Lots of data
Data generated by smart cities projects require the establishment of decentralized networks capable of processing data locally as close as possible to the sensors - where the data is generated.
Connectivity & Compute
With Namla Edge deployment, we bring both connectivity & computing capabilities close to the connected objects deployed in the city. Meaning that decisions can be made locally rather than in the cloud. Bandwidth costs and network latency reduced, and data privacy issues solved.
May 14, 2024
Namla Introduces Revolutionary "Panda Box": World's First AI over 5G Solution
Namla, a leading technology provider specializing in Edge Computing & Edge AI Solutions, renowned for its expertise in Cloud-Edge management and orchestration, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking product, the "Panda Box." This innovative solution heralds a new era in the private and tactical networks industry, serving as the world's first AI over 5G box, poised to redefine connectivity and AI innovation.
April 01, 2024
Effortlessly deploy large scale distributed Edge infrastructure with Namla’s Zero Touch Deployment
In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the deployment of Edge computing devices has become a pivotal strategy for businesses aiming to harness the power of AI and real-time data processing directly at the source of data generation. This trend is particularly visible across various sectors, from retail, with its advanced computer vision for theft detection and self-checkout systems, to the oil and gas industry's push for predictive maintenance on offshore platforms. Such applications not only demand the localized processing capabilities of Edge devices but also underscore the necessity for these systems to be deployed over extensive geographical areas—encompassing hundreds of stores or dozens of offshore platforms spread across continents.
February 21, 2024
Namla & Nvidia Partner to deploy Edge AI at scale with Metropolis
The Namla Edge Orchestration & Management platform stands out as the only solution in the market that offers Edge device deployment & management, cloud native SD-WAN capabilities, and seamless deployment of cloud-native applications. Through this collaboration with Nvidia Metropolis, businesses across various sectors such as industry, healthcare, oil & gas, video surveillance, and more, will have access to an all-in-one solution for deploying and managing Edge AI solutions. This partnership ensures the high availability, performance, and security of their infrastructure and services, providing a robust foundation for Edge AI applications.


What is Namla's Edge Orchestration Platform?
Namla's Edge Orchestration Platform is a comprehensive solution designed to empower businesses to harness the full potential of edge computing. It provides a centralized and intelligent control framework that streamlines the deployment, management, and monitoring of edge infrastructure and applications
Why Namla?
Namla offers a comprehensive solution for deploying and managing distributed edge infrastructure, with builtin zero-touch deployment, cloud-native SD-WAN, full stack monitoring & observability, and true multi-tenancy. The platform ensures scalability, efficiency, and enhanced performance, with robust security measures to protect sensitive data. Additionally, Namla's flexibility in deployment options and industry-specific use cases make it a compelling choice for organizations seeking to leverage the full potential of edge computing.
Why should I trust Namla?
Namla’s committed to networking security and excellence. Our platform incorporates robust security measures, including encryption, authentication , and access control mechanisms. Additionally, Namla's true multi-tenancy feature ensures complete separation between different customers or departments, maintaining privacy and preventing unauthorized access or interference.
What deployment options does Namla offer?
Namla offers flexibility in deployment options, allowing organizations to choose between on-premises deployment or deploying the head-ends in the cloud. This flexibility enables organizations to leverage existing infrastructure investments and align with their preferences and strategies.
How does Namla ensure security for edge infrastructure?
Namla incorporates robust security measures into its platform, including encryption, authentication, and access control mechanisms. It also ensures secure communication between edge sites and provides a true multi-tenancy feature to maintain privacy and prevent unauthorized access.
Can Namla's platform scale to accommodate large deployments?
Yes, Namla's platform enables the simultaneous deployment of hundreds of devices across multiple locations, improving operational efficiency and scalability. The automation provided by Namla reduces deployment time and minimizes the chances of configuration errors
On which industries does Namla focus its efforts?
Namla works across various industries and verticals including healthcare, manufacturing, smart cities, industry 4.0, retail, oil and gas, energy, transportation, telecommunications, security, environmental monitoring, satellite, and more.

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