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The Namla platform for Cloud Edge Orchestration and management

Bring the Edge to the new software-defined era.

Measure and increase
your edge impact


Cloud cost

Namla customers can reduce their cloud cost by 70%, by moving the data processing to the Edge.


Edge Availability

Namla customers benefit from high performance and robust connectivity guaranteed via our cloud native SD-WAN technology.


Data Privacy

Be compliant with RGPD and other data privacy regulations, deport the data pre-processing and Anonymization to the Namla Edge.

Why consider Namla?

Because our mission is to bring the Edge to the Cloud Era.

with Namla is as reliable and useable as the cloud.

Kubernetes Orchestration

Extend your Kubernetes cluster orchestration to the edge. Automate the deployment, management, scaling of your edge runtimes & components (AI, Analytics, Security...).


Using our Cloud Native SD-WAN solution interconnects your edges over a secure overlay. Service chain your container workloads to our Cloud Native Network Functions (CNF).

Zero Touch Deployment

Deploy 1000s of edges as easy as Ship Plug & Play.

Multi-Cloud Support

You’re not married to your cloud provider. Switch Your cloud provider anytime


Bring your own Edge DevOps, NetOps and MLOps pipelines or build new ones using Namla EdgeOps plugins

Edge AI

Feed egde hardware acceleration available as inputs to your ML pipeline. Sparsify your ML models to work on specific hardware

Edge is the true enabler for Industry 4.0

With the rise of the deployment of IoT devices in the industry, factories are more and more connected and data-centric.

Reduce the latency

Namla platform brings data processing close to connected machines and robots. We ensure efficient data processing by moving the processing workloads to the Edge. This reduces significantly the latency, which represents a mandatory requirement to achieve Industry 4.0.

Machines react fast

Sending data to the cloud and back introduces a delay that prevents machines & robots from working efficiently.

Smart cities can’t be smart enough without the Edge !

Our cities are more and more connected and data-centric. Measurement of air quality, traffic control, parking, video surveillance…etc.

Lots of data

This data generated by smart cities projects require the establishment of decentralized networks capable of processing data locally as close as possible to the sensors, i.e. where the data is generated.

Connectivity & Compute

With Namla Edge deployment, we bring both connectivity & computing capabilities close to the connected objects deployed in the city. This means that decisions can be made locally rather than in the cloud. This will help to reduce bandwidth costs and network latency, in addition to solve data privacy issues.

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