Crafting the Blueprint for Distributed Cloud to Edge Systems

At Namla, our partnerships span from OEMs to ISVs and CSPs. Together, we work to develop cutting-edge distributed edge infrastructure, with a focus on Edge AI, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, and Healthcare.

Expand Your Impact with the Namla Ecosystem

Join Namla’s partner program to expand your client base, address emerging use cases, and boost your revenue opportunities.

Edge Software Vendor ISVs
Edge Software Vendor ISVs

Leverage the Namla platform to distribute your software, ensuring broader client reach and enhanced utility.

Edge Solution Integrator CSPs
Edge Solution Integrator CSPs

Integrate with Namla to amplify the value you provide, catering both to your current and upcoming use cases.

Hardware Manufacturers OEMs
Hardware Manufacturers OEMs

Partner with Namla to access a larger market and keep your hardware solutions leading-edge.

Meet Our Partners

Our ecosystem includes increasing numbers of ISVs, CSPs, OEMs and global distributors.

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  • Technological
  • ISV
  • SIs & Consulting




SIs & Consulting


Our cloud-to-edge solutions are backed by leading names: Google,AWS,OHV,Equiinix,and Nvidia. Their support amplifiles our mission and impact.

Google Cloud Platform
OVH Cloud