Pioneering Cloud-Native Orchestration for the Distributed Edge with Namla

Observing legacy players struggling with on-premises edge solutions, we recognized the shift toward cloud-native and open source standards. Namla offers an orchestration solution that seamlessly connects to any cloud. Built on the core power of Kubernetes, it’s specifically designed for DevOps, NetOps, and beyond.



At Namla, we are committed to developing a single pane of glass solution for all your edge orchestration and management needs. We believe that the next revolution in computing is happening at the edge, and we are focused on empowering our customers to take full advantage of this exciting new paradigm. Our platform is built on top of Kubernetes and SD-WAN based networking technologies, which allow us to deliver seamless deployment of applications from the cloud to the edge, as well as provide visibility into the performance of those applications and the networking that connects everything together. We also prioritize security, and our platform features a secure overlay that helps protect your data and applications from threats.


Behind the Name: Namla

In the vast lexicon of our world, there are certain words that embody imagination and meaning more clearly than others. For us, that word is ’’namla’’ the Arabic term for ’’ant’’. This tiny creature, often overlooked, represents so much of what edge computing embodies.

Edge computing, by its very essence, is about the power of the small- a realm where compact devices. embedded devices perform expansive tasks despite their limitations. Likewise, ants, although small, punch far above their weight. They are taking on challenges far greater than themselves, not by sheer force, but through unparalleled organization and collective effort. Their ability to overcome obstacles, even ones as large as elephants, is a testament to strength in numbers and strategy. We see a similarity in the emerging computing landscape: distributed, geographically dispersed, but interconnected, systems working in unison, like an ant colony, to carry out complex tasks. Just as ants can outmaneuver and even outmaneuver larger creatures, we believe these intelligent edge devices (“Namlas”) have the potential to surpass and complement the massive capabilities of giant cloud providers (”The elephants”).

By naming our startup “Ant,” we encapsulate this vision of a world where small and agile not only coexist with giant, but can also redefine the field of innovation.


Our Investors

We secured $1.3 million in our pre-seed funding round, and we are backed by some big names. Our supporters range from major French investors to former Microsoft and AWS executives, and even unicorn founders. - They all believe in the ant’s potential. They all believe in Namla and our vision for the future of edge computing.