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Cloud Native SD-WAN: Key to Converged Infrastructure

Addressing the limitations of traditional edge infrastructure stacking, Namla introduces its CN-SDWAN, a cornerstone of its cloud-native edge orchestration and management platform. This innovation marks a shift towards a converged infrastructure where SD-WAN and workloads integrate smoothly. Traditionally, edge infrastructures have been burdened by a complex mix of siloed technologies and hardware, leading to increased costs, limited flexibility, complex deployment, and reduced visibility in troubleshooting. Namla's solution counters these challenges by streamlining integration, reducing operational complexities, and enhancing adaptability and visibility across network operations.

Cloud Native SD-WAN: Key to Converged Infrastructure

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Namla offers a compact, efficient solution for your SD-WAN needs

Effortless Cloud and Edge Management : Namla provides a unified solution for managing cloud and edge infrastructure, integrating networking seamlessly with workloads through its cloud-native SD-WAN. Optimized Branch Connectivity : Namla's cloud SD-WAN ensures enhanced network reliability and performance across all branches and cloud VPCs, ideal for multi- location businesses. Dynamic Application-Driven Networking : Namla enables applications to direct network operations, fostering a more efficient, responsive environment and simplifying policy management. Advanced EdgeOps Capabilities : Supports diverse operations including NetOps and SecOps, ensuring a robust, agile infrastructure.
Choose Namla's Cloud-Native SD-WAN