September 28, 2023

Namla Strengthens Its Presence in the MENA Region Through Partnership with DtssConsulting

Namla Strengthens Its Presence in the MENA Region Through Partnership with DtssConsulting

In our unwavering commitment to achieving the highest standards in Cloud-Edge secure solutions, we are pleased to announce our partnership with DTSS Consultants, an esteemed establishment with a worldwide footprint curated by top-tier professionals hailing from diverse industries. The DTSS Consortium companies possess a longstanding history of over two decades in the industry. DTSS has garnered acclaim for its expertise in Information Security and IT, placing significant emphasis on Digital Transformation, Software Development, Data Protection, and Data Privacy.

DTSS is a globally recognized company with offices in key locations like Thailand, Canada, India, and the UAE. The founders of DTSS have impressive backgrounds, having worked for prestigious companies like BCG, IBM, and Middel East telecoms companies. What makes them stand out is their extensive experience. DTSS founders and advisors have more than 25 years of expertise in various business areas, solidifying their reputation as top leaders in the security industry.

"By partnering with Name and DTSS, we aim to assist businesses in harnessing their digital potential and securing their digital assets using innovative cloud-edge solutions." Aravind B Hiremath

Together, we envision leveraging Namla's Cloud Edge Orchestration platform to help companies to unlock the power of the cloud-edge computing and securely scale their operations to support any use case. This collaboration ensures that our clients can access advanced cybersecurity measures at the Edge through a simplified deployment process, with the click of a button. By seamlessly integrating DTSS's expertise with Namla's capabilities, we aim to provide comprehensive and easily accessible Edge-Cloud solutions to our clients in the UAE and Middle East market.

Ensuring security is of utmost importance when working with a cloud-Edge approach for distributed solutions. Collaborating with DTSS, who possess expertise in this field along with extensive knowledge of the UAE and Middle East markets, will accelerate the adoption of our cloud-native distributed edge infrastructure orchestration and management platform. We have full confidence that our partnership will accelerate the adoption of our Cloud-Edge solutions in the UAE and the broader Middle East region." Imed Allal

Cloud-edge solutions are playing a pivotal role in advancing and sustaining the digital transformation revolution for companies by overcoming the connectivity limitations and cost concerns, addressing sensitive data protection and data sovereignty issues associated with cloud-based solutions.

We believe that the future of Cloud is at the Edge! And we invite you to join us on this journey as we combine our strengths to provide you with cutting-edge Cloud-Edge solutions.