May 14, 2024

Namla Introduces Revolutionary "Panda Box": World's First AI over 5G Solution

Namla Introduces Revolutionary "Panda Box": World's First AI over 5G Solution
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Namla, a leading technology provider specializing in Edge Computing & Edge AI Solutions, renowned for its expertise in Cloud-Edge management and orchestration, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking product, the "Panda Box." This innovative solution heralds a new era in the private and tactical networks industry, serving as the world's first AI over 5G box, poised to redefine connectivity and AI innovation.

The Panda Box represents a monumental leap forward in private network solutions by seamlessly blending the power of artificial intelligence with the speed and reliability of 5G technology. Crafted to meet the evolving demands of the private networks landscape, this cutting-edge solution offers unmatched performance, efficiency, and versatility.

Key Features of the Panda Box offer include:

  • 5G Tactical Network:

    Powered by best-in-class AI hardware from Namla's partners Nvidia and Advantech, the Panda Box offers comprehensive All-In-One 5G tactical network capabilities. Through the Namla platform, 5G Core and RAN software from multi-vendor can be effortlessly and remotely deployed within the Panda Box, enabling continuous enhancement of network functionalities without vendor lock-in.

  • AI Capabilities:

    Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence hardware and software, the Panda Box boasts powerful data processing capabilities. Through the Namla's platform Apps Store, over 100 AI apps from Namla's partners, including AR/VR, LLMs, Video Analytics, IIoT, Mission-Critical Communication, and more, are already ready for seamless and remote deployment within the Panda Box. Companies can also integrate their own apps and AI models with ease, deploying them within the Panda Box in just a few clicks. The adoption of DevOps and MLOps best practices extends till the deployment site, ensuring continuous improvement of apps and the ongoing learning of AI and ML models.

  • Zero Touch Deployment:

    Featuring ZTD functionality from Namla's platform, the Panda Box enables companies to deploy 5G tactical network and AI capabilities wherever needed, without the requirement for on-site technicians to manually configure each box. The ZTD feature facilitates automatic provisioning and configuration of Panda boxes based on predefined settings and policies, significantly reducing deployment time and minimizing configuration errors.

  • Full Stack Monitoring & Observability:

    Equipped with a comprehensive Full Stack Observability & Monitoring solution, the Panda Box provides unified visibility of hardware devices, networking components, and applications on a single pane of glass. This solution simplifies the monitoring and management process, ensuring seamless operation.

"Namla is excited to unveil the Panda Box, the world’s first AI over 5G solution, With its unrivaled combination of AI capabilities and 5G connectivity, Panda Box represents a transformative advancement in private and tactical networking, enabling organizations to harness the power of AI at the deployment site via reliable 5G connectivity. Imed Allal

The launch of the Panda Box marks a significant milestone in Namla's commitment to driving the adoption of AI solutions and shaping the future of connectivity. For more details regarding the Panda Box and other Namla products and services.